Well, where do we begin….

Let’s start with this:  the Center Pointe Dance Academy started because the little girl on the left LOVES to dance (and we love to watch her smile while she dances) and the Taylorville area needs a full service dance facility!

As a result, Ava, Heather, myself, and Baron did some soul searching and decided that creating the Center Pointe Dance Academy was what needed to happen.  We are starting year #6 and we are still rolling along!

The past five years have been marked with outstanding highs and very frustrating lows and we would not change a thing!  We are confident that the Academy has provided a quality dance experience for people of all ages, races, genders, and dance backgrounds. We are also steadfast in our desire to keep providing an environment that promotes hard work and lots of smiles at the same time! Our staff has a great mix of education, experience, youth, and patience that enable them to be excellent communicators and teachers.  They also have an abundance of passion for what they want to do at the Academy.

We hope to create a positive and long-standing dance academy that our community and it’s families can be proud of for many years to come!